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God Loves the Seeker

Date: Feb 14th 2022


GOD loves the seeker!

“Wherefore it pleases GOD that we seek him and worship him by intermediaries, understanding and recognizing that He is the goodness of all”

Divine Revelations by Julian of Norwich

Givens; there exists a GOD that is Love. He created the universe and its inhabitants with building blocks of love. GOD is a personal deity that created man and loves man.

If man has difficulty in finding this invisible GOD, he should seek him through various spiritual ways: scripture, prayer, meditation, dreams, religions and the experience of mystics.

As the evidence grows in the search for GOD, his joy can be shown through graces and blessings. This love is reciprocal as man loves this divine entity through all the time man is aware of GOD.

One might conclude that the investigation of other religions and any mystical experiences helps to define GOD’s nature. GOD must like the diversity of religions and dogma as man investigates the nature of who GOD is.

Put yourself in God’s shoes —You love someone who seeks you prior to locating you! This is flattering. GOD must appreciate the effort to find HIM

Scripture says

  • Hebrew 11:6 – He rewards them who seek him.
  • Psalm 63 – O GOD you are my GOD, early will I I seek you.
  • Chronicles 16:11 – Look to the Lord and his strength; seek his face always.

One might conclude that seeking is not a waste of time. This effort helps define where and when you find this invisible GOD. A simple definition is as follows: seek – to search with focus and intention. He is finding a worthwhile treasure with this type of seeking GOD revealed His love in a vision to a female spiritual companion in the seventeenth century in a town named Norwich, England. Her name was Julian and this profession was called anchoress. She was on her death bed when GOD revealed his love for mankind.

Julian wrote a book called “Revelations of Divine Love” with sentences like ‘GOD loved us before he made us’. He told her that seeking was better than finding. She revealed that the greatest honor we can give almighty GOD is to live gladly because of the knowledge of HIS love. She inspired many in her time and today. My friend, Fr. William Meninger wrote a book she inspired – “The loving Search for God”.

Phil Stone