Julian Of Norwich

Meet Julian of Norwich, Visionary of Love

Lynne Larson - Richmond, Va

September 15, 2020

Julian Of Norwich

We don’t know her name or what kind of education she received, yet she is the first woman known to write a book in the English language. Thomas Merton regarded her as the greatest of the English mystics. In May 1373, when she was 30 years old and near death from a grave malady, this woman known as Julian of Norwich experienced sixteen visions or “showings” of Christ’s passion and the nature of divine love and friendship.

The foundation of Julian’s writing is her experience of revelations–God revealing GOD, the supreme nature of his friendship and the assurance that all will be well and every manner of thing will be well. This is a unique opportunity to combine reflection and practice as we join together to listen to God’s point of view as experienced by Julian of Norwich. During our day together, we will explore and reflect on Julian’s themes of God’s compassion and love:

The Trinity as our source of creation, nurturing and protection Our inseparable union with the divine and our interconnectedness with each other God’s love and delight in us and his wish for our delight and love in him Revelation that God is with us even in sin The Discovery that seeking is as good as seeing

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